Calvary Baptist is in the process of planning a new in-reach/outreach ministry called G.R.O.W.  G.R.O.W.  will offer members opportunities to (1) follow up with visitors to the church; (2) see people saved and invited to church through outreach efforts and (3) reach out to church members who have stopped coming to church.  Those participating in the G.R.O.W. Ministry will be divided into four teams:  a "G" team, an "R" team, an "O" team, and a "W" team.  Each team will be committed to giving two hours of their time during one week of each month, thereby ensuring that outreach is conducted every week and that everyone, no matter how busy they may be, has the opportunity to contribute to carrying out the Great Commission.  Participants will serve in a variety of ways including (1) canvassing door-to-door; (2) distributing literature on the street; (3) preparing letters; (4) making phone calls; (5) running the nursery/watching children; (6) making follow-up visits and (7) praying for those going out.